Being Creative

michaelnoyes_card.pdfCreativity is not an attribute, like hair color or height. It’s a view of the world and a way to live life. It’s challenging and sometimes makes you feel like you don’t fit in at work. Or in your family.

In a corporate setting, creativity can easily be labeled as “disruptive thinking” and considered a problem. The creative person is often shunned or feared because creativity brings change.  Creativity is about change and thriving in change.

Creativity has deep roots in questioning the status quo. Creativity is comfortable with innovation and risk. In other words, creativity rarely travels a well-lit path to a guaranteed outcome. I named my business QuinnCreative because I help creative people communicate their ideas clearly and live a creatively inspired life with satisfaction and enthusiasm.

My job begins when creativity isn’t working in the workplace, isn’t serving you or the life you imagined.

I work with businesses and individuals:

Professional development. I teach people how to write clearly, concisely and simply.

Professional growth. Corporate employees and entrepreneurs build the life and career they want through life coaching.

Creative growth. Learn perspective, problem solving, overcoming fears and the past through gentle support and accountability. For writers, artists, designers, instructors and  who want to create their own answers with the help of creativity coaching.

My Books. Working with creatives demands that I take on ambitious creative projects of my own. I’ve written two books that combine coaching and creative work: Raw Art Journaling: Making Meaning, Making Art and Inner Hero Creative Art Journal. You can read more about my books here.

Workshops and retreats. Learn the satisfaction of journaling, art journaling, writing poetry, creating collage, and discovering your inner heroes to confront your inner critic. I teach at retreats, organizations, or clubs. Custom courses available. Contact me for details.

 Creative celebrations. Your busy life needs celebrations, from commitment ceremonies, renewing vows, blessing your new house, celebrating the memory of a loved one, breaking away from the past, stepping into a new career. I create the rituals that help you join with community, create family and make life special.

To me, all these activities are parts of a single circle. Welcome into my circle.