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Quinn’s Online class: September 13-20, 2014

Write Yourself Whole: Finding and Naming Your Inner Heroes

This class is free. If you want to contribute, I welcome it. See below the class description for donations.

HorizonCollageOver the course of a week, you will discover six inner heroes.  You’ll do it by facing the inner critics you know so well. You may also discover some inner critics you may not think are destructive to your creativity. Once you know the inner critic, you will use your journal to help uncover the Inner Hero who will confront your inner critic for you.

The course will appear on my blog for eight days (one day of introduction, six days of inner critic/inner hero and one catch-up day.)

Here is what you will need to participate in Write Yourself Whole:

  1. Something to write in. You can use a journal, notebook, or index cards to keep the inner heroes separate and in front of you. Whatever you prefer.
  2. Handwriting has a different effect than keyboarding. You will get more from the course if you write by hand.
  3. You’ll need a timer–a mechanical one or one on your phone. It should time minutes. You won’t need seconds or hours.
  4. A pen or pencil of any sort that you really like writing with.

That’s it. Choose a time that works for you and get ready to write regularly for a week.

You don’t need to post your answers on the blog, but you can discuss the course in the comments. Keep your writing in a journal, where you will be able to use them in the future. Your Inner Critic doesn’t go away, and you’ll want to refer to your writing in the months to come.

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The class is free. If you want to donate, I will be honored.

There are benefits to some contributions.

If for some reasons, the buttons do not work, drop me an email (quinn.classes (at) gmail (dot) com and I’ll take care of it.

cardsContribute $30, and you will receive six postcards

(2 each of three different collages)–pear, raven, and tree, all made out of letters and sentences.




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u3040_500px_72dpiContribute $50, and you will receive a copy of my book:

The Inner Hero Creative Art Journal You can see book details here.


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T3491Contribute $75 and you will receive my two  DVDs:

Monsoon Papers (left) and “Art Journals Unbound” (not shown).

Learn different ways to gather and keep your free-standing journal pages, and “Monsoon Papers,” how to create my hallmark color-saturated papers.



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