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Quinn’s Online class: September 13-20, 2014 (class is now closed).

Write Yourself Whole: Finding and Naming Your Inner Heroes

This class is free. If you want to contribute, I welcome it. See below the class description for donations.

HorizonCollageOver the course of a week, you will discover six inner heroes.  You’ll do it by facing the inner critics you know so well. You may also discover some inner critics you may not think are destructive to your creativity. Once you know the inner critic, you will use your journal to help uncover the Inner Hero who will confront your inner critic for you.

The course will appear on my blog for eight days (one day of introduction, six days of inner critic/inner hero and one catch-up day.)

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Thanks to everyone who generously contributed to Write Yourself Whole. Your contributions helped me make a difference to the thousands of homeless in Phoenix. One of their biggest problems in the heat of the desert is getting clean drinking water. Everyone who contributed can take pride in knowing that thirsty people have  water that is safe to drink. Thank you again. It means a lot.

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What’s Next?

Two exciting steps: First, I’m going to create a more complete online class from the Writing Yourself Whole beginning.  It will take time to create, but I’ll keep you posted on my blog.

Second, I’m working on a book proposal based on Write Yourself Whole. It will not be an art book, it will be a self-coaching book. It will have exercises around your inner critic, but the main point of the book is to help you free yourself from the past that was written for you and help you write the next chapter in your life the way you want it to be.

We are all story tellers, and the best story we can tell is the one that has the ending we choose for ourselves. Stay tuned on the QuinnCreative blog for more details.








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